Poler Stuff Reversible Napsack

$137.00 CAD $210.00

Poler Stuff Napsack

Poler's new Reversible Napsack can be subtle or bold, all while maintaining consistent insulation of your Camp Vibes.

Perfect for the campfire, couch, or tailgate, this wearable sleeping bag keeps you cozy in all conditions. It's unique zippered shoulders allow the free use of your arms, and the drawcord bottom can be opened and used to shorten for standing or walking.

Reversible design lets you decide which color or pattern the occasion calls for

Zippered front for easy in and out

Drawcord bottom can be used to shorten for walking or close for sleeping

100% Polyester

Rated to 50 degrees Fahrenheit

18" x 8" stuffsack included


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