From Uncle Mike's website:

"Uncle Mike’s All Natural Products began in 2009 when, as a climber, I needed something to strengthen and repair my dry and damaged hands. The natural salve that I was using at the time worked, but for the price I expected a little more and frankly I thought I could do better. So I read the ingredients and started researching natural oils. It wasn't long before I made my first batch of salve.

Soon after, I began researching the healing powers of essential oils. As I read and learned about their powerful natural properties, I wanted to experiment and create other products. This led to numerous experiments in the kitchen and a collection of jars with different combinations of oils and essential oils. As word spread, and I needed to make room for my new creations, I began to hand out samples to friends and family. Many were surprised that the products were created with natural ingredients and that they offered many benefits that their synthetic products could not.

It didn’t take long before my friends and family were spreading the word to others and I was receiving requests for a natural replacement for other everyday products. I began experimenting again, now to create a natural replacement for every commercial chemical product I was currently using. After salve came deodorant, then toothpaste and soap, shampoo, laundry soap, aftershave, muscle mud, perfumes, room deodorizers, incense, and the list keeps growing! While I feel I have perfected many of my products, I continue to enjoy the artistic and scientific aspect of creating new products and new blends and will always be in the process of creating the next new natural alternative.

-Mike Zimmer

All products are handmade in the ‘Uncle Mike’s lab’, 515 1st Street East, just off Broadway in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan."