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FUBUKI™ was conceived in Niseko, Japan, founded by Swedes, and cultivated by an international snow-loving community. With its global acclaim from professionals and amateurs alike in the snowsports industry, it frequently comes as a surprise to know the company is still operated by its founders, Kalle Norman and Christofer Ljunggren.

And no, it’s not just corporately managed by these two. The 26-year-old (at the time of writing) Swedish friends since childhood handle everything, from designing new products to managing partnerships to handling the accounting to marketing to customer service to… you get the point.

Before Kalle found himself stacking pallets of boots in his student apartment, he took a ski trip to one of the snowiest places on Earth: Hokkaido, Japan. In fact, the Japanese language uses over 100 words to describe snow. FUBUKI translates to snowstorm, and it’s fitting that, on a stormy day while skiing overhead pow, Kalle discovered the unique, unbranded, waterproof winter boots that all the lifties and locals wore.

This was the humble origin of FUBUKI, though the company nor the name did not yet exist. Since the company’s inception, the boots have been designed for people who spend their entire day, and often a greater portion of their lives, on snow. And hidden in plain sight, on the feet of every down-to-earth local in the snowiest place on the planet, stood two fundamental tenets that would shape FUBUKI:

- Durable, warm, waterproof boots should not be boring.
- Durable, warm, waterproof boots should not be heavy.

FUBUKI was designed as an alternative for the snow-loving community. Skiers have long been irreverent nonconformists. Lovers of FUBUKI around the world continue to shape and cultivate a culture around the colorful boots - one that’s fluid, unconventional, and celebrates personal expression and interpretation.

In a world where tough and resistant so often means rigid and boring, FUBUKI represents an off-piste path for those who confidently carve their own tracks on winter’s blank canvas.