Poler Dopp Kit, Blue Steel

$29.00 CAD $44.00

Poler Dopp Kit

The Dope Dopp Kit is the perfect way to carry all those little things that keep you looking and feeling fresh when you're out on the road. This little beauty features two zippered compartments with mesh interior pockets and elastic daisy chain webbing to keep your items organized. An external zippered pocket offers additional storage capacity, and a handle on the end gives you an easy grip on your kit, or you can use a carabiner to clip it to another pack. With all of it's features, it makes a great bag for a small camera, accessories, notepad and pen and all your other bric-a-brac. Why not pack two?

SIZE: 9”h x 5”w x 5”d / 3.5 liters / 225 cu. in.

FEATURES: Campdura body fabric / High tensile strength nylon webbing / Camp Vibes embossed leather pull tabs