Cursor & Thread S'n'P Linen Necktie - espresso

$58.00 CAD $89.00

Cursor & Thread S'n'P Linen Necktie - espresso
"When we first set out to make neckties we wanted to ensure they could be worn casually as easily as they could formally, so linen was always an easy choice of materials. The S'n'P linen neckties and bow ties have also been an easy choice for our customers, giving them a quality neck adornment made by people they'd like, that they can take from day to night, looking handsome at every turn. You should be warned though... if you should go down this path, this tie will be your go-to. Make no bones about it, you'll wear it, people will love it, and it goes with everything - you'll have to work to not wear it everyday.

Don't let people tell you when you can wear certain things. If you're comfortable in the style you choose, you should choose it whenever you want.

We hope you like compliments..."

Made in Canada.